Unknown Photos

This photo gallery will be evolving over time as people and places are identified - partial identities are written in or suggested, however, secondary source affirmation would be beneficial.  Photos of anyone still living will be removed, or by request.  If you are able to help with identity, please list the number associated with the photo in your email to [email protected]

1.  Babies and Kids

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2.  Family Friends

3Unknown men in back - probably Buds Fox far right.  Boys in front (L - R) are Herbert, Birley and Wes Fox

4. L - R:  Dorothy, Birley, Eliza Fox.  Remaining four people Unknown.  In speculation - man with hat on lap could be Buds Fox - this was his trademark hat he wore in many photos.  Based on Dorothy's age this is probably the spring/summer of 1922 - the year Wilfred Fox passed away - the unknown woman could be Martha Lambert with her son, Arthur behind (age 12 years) and possibly Walter leaning against rail - post Wilfred Fox's funeral?


5.  a) Sibilings?  b) Possibly the same man in first picture with his date.

6.  Laidlaw United Church Women's group

7.  Unknown Girl.

On back:  Duplicate can be had at any time.

Electric Photo Studio

108 James Street North

Hamilton, Ontario.

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9.  a). 12th August 1934.   b) On lower step same two Women as above photo, older by 10 - 20 years.

10.  Family Reunions?

Dorothy Fox bottom centre.  Birley Fox 2nd from right in middle row. Bert and Wes Fox 2nd and 3rd from right in back row.