Eliza McCarthy Parents and Siblings

Caroline Moor, Umbrella Trimmer and William Charles McCarthy, Cabinet Maker are Married!

Parish Church in Spitalfields, April 13, 1873

Caroline Moore in the England, Select Marriages, 1538–1973, Stepney London England

Solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of ChristChurch Spitalfields in the County of Middlesex April 13, 1873
William McCarthy, age 27 Bachelor /Cabinet Maker, Residence: Wilks St.
Father: Phoenix (Felix) McCarthy - Whitesmith.
Caroline Moore, age 23, Spinster, Residence: John St.
Father: John Moore - Weaver
By:  Thomas Priestly Canto          Witnesses: John Martin Key and Sarah Moore

William and Caroline were living at 7 North Place in Bethnal Green when their son John Henry was born on May 5, 1877 and Eliza, born Feb. 28, 1879.  Both children were baptized at St. James the Great.  A few years later the family moved to Hartley Street in Bethnal Green, a couple of blocks away from their cousins, the Cooks who lived on Cranbrook Street.  London, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1917 for William McCarthyTower Hamlets St James the Great, Bethnal Green 1875-1880 / London, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1917 for John Henry McCarty

Certificate of Registry of Birth
I, the undersigned, Do hereby Certify that the Birth of Eliza E. McCarthy born on the 28th day of February 1879 has been duly Registered by me.
Witness my hand, this 2nd day of May, 1879.  S. Heach, Registrar of Births and Deaths  M.E.N. Town, Sub-District


1881 Census - 4 Hartley Street, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets

Charles McCarthy, 35, Cabinet Maker, born in Middlesex, WhiteChapel -  Oct. 19, 1849

Caroline, 31, born in Spitalfields

Henry J., 3 , born in Mile End

Eliza, 2, born in Mile End


By 1885 Caroline and William had packed up their possessions in preparation to immigrate to Canada.  They stayed for a brief time with their other cousins, the Hulls, on route to the port in Liverpool where the SS Circassian was docked.

The McCarthy's Passenger Registry on the SS Circassian
Charles McCarthy          38    Hamilton
Caroline             Wife      34
John                  Child      8
Eliza                   Child      6
Port of Arrival:  Quebec, Quebec
Date of Arrival:  1885/05/12
From Archives Canada:  Microfilm Reel Number:  C-4534
Reference:  RG76          Item Number: 530480

Eliza and Henry photographed within a few years of arriving in Canada


The McCarthy's settled in a house on 99 Emerald Street in Hamilton where they would remain.  On April 14, 1890 Caroline gave birth to her 4th child William Charles.  Her third child born May 5th, 1887 was stillborn.  William Carthy, Ontario, Canada Births, 1858-1913 / William McCarthy Ontario, Canada Births, 1858-1913


Eliza' s hand-written note from the 1950's detailing her brother William's baptism

William Charles, Eliza, John Henry (Harry), Caroline, and infant William Charles McCarthy

1891 Census - Ward 7, Hamilton City, Ontario, Canada

William - 42 yrs, cabinet maker
Caroline, 40 yrs,  wife
Henry, 14 yrs, son
Eliza, 12 yrs, daughter
William 1, son


Eliza and John Henry circa 1900

1901 Census - District number 69, Hamilton, Ward 7.

William, 48 yrs - Occupation: Labourer corp.  Months Employed :  5. Earnings:  150
Caroline, 34 (sic) yrs
Harry, 23 yrs - Occupation:  Labourer corp.  Months Employed: 5. Earnings: 150
Eliza, 22 yrs - Occupation:  General Servant. Months Employed: 12.  Earnings:  120
Willie, 10 yrs

William McCarthy's main source of income switched from his employment as a Cabinet Maker to a Labourer in the 1900's.  Caroline sometimes worked on the week-end at the Hamilton Market offering to the public her services as a seamstress and mender.  This is perhaps where Eliza first met Herbert since he was still living with his family and involved with selling produce at the market from their gardening business.  In 1902, Eliza moved to New York City and became a nurse at St. Luke's Hospital.  A few years later Herbert drove down to propose, and they were married in 1906.

St. Luke's Hospital 1902.  Eliza is the 5th person from the left in front of the bed divider




Re-visiting St. Lukes in 1931.  Eliza with her daughter Dorothy behind.

1911 Census East Hamilton, Ward 7 (under McCarty)

William McCarthy, head, 64 yrs, born October 1846 -labourer - works at: Streets
Caroline, Wife, 60 yrs- born March 1857
John H, Son, 34 yrs  - Draftsman, Mechanical
William C, Son, 21 yrs - Labourer, Factory


Caroline passed away at her house in 1911 of cardiac failure from acute bronchitis.  William passed away March 10th, 1920 in City Hospital from an 8-month long illness of pneumonia.  Caroline McCarthy in the Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947 / William McCarthy Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947  




In Memory of William McCarthy 1846 - 1920 and his wife Caroline Moor 1850 - 1911

Caroline and William are laid to rest in the Hamilton Cemetery, Section A8-B8, Lot 37¼



John Henry remained a Bachelor, staying very close to his family and Eliza for the rest of his life.  He moved away from 99 Emerald street in his late 30's, living at 556 Cannon St. East (see document below) in 1917, then at 228 Gibson Avenue (Herbert and Eliza's house) in 1920 as documented on his father's Death Registry.


Permit To Leave Canada
I, John Henry McCarthy of 443 Cannon St. East Hamilton, Ont in the Province of Ontario, make oath and do say that I was born at London, Eng. on the 4th day of May 1877, that I am a British subject by birth; that I have resided at the above address for 1 Year, that I am personally known to and refer for identification to:
Rev. W.E. White of Hamilton             J.M Brown of Hamilton              L.W. Heatly of Hamilton          A.C. From (?) of Hamilton
that I desire permission to leave Canada to go to Buffalo and Cleveland for the purpose of visiting friends that I wish to be absent from Canada for 2 Weeks.
My height is 5-5, my weight is 115 lbs.  My eyes are Blue, my hair is light brown.  My occupation is Mechanical Draftsman.  I am single, I have no children living.  The attached photograph is a good likeness of me taken 3 days ago.
Declared before me at Hamilton in the Province of Ontario this August 30 day of 1918.  J.H McCarthy A. Hayes, J.P. (Notary Public) W. E. White Rector, St. Matthews Church, Hamilton.


Henry continued to live with his sister Eliza and her family when they moved from Gibson Avenue to their new house on Balmoral between the years 1820 and 1821.  He remained with them for the last 7 years of his life.

1921 Census - 257 Balmoral Ave.  Henry McCarthy, 1921 Census of Canada, Hamilton City, Wentworth Ontario

Herbert Fox, Head, 42 yrs
Eliza, wife, 40 yrs
Herbert, Son, 14 yrs, student
Wesley, Son, 11 yrs, student
Birley, Son, 10 yrs, student
Dorothy, Daughter, 2 yrs
Henry McCarthy, Brother-In-Law, 42 yrs, Draughtsman


John Henry passed away at the General Hospital from congestive heart failure stemming from rheumatic fever on June 30th 1927, age 50.   Henry John McCarthy Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947


In Memory of Henry J. McCarthy 1877 - 1927


Henry John is laid to rest in the Hamilton Cemetery, Section A8-B8, Lot 37¼

At age 23, William Charles married Olive Bradely on August 2nd, 1913.  Supporting his young family as a Pattern Maker, he continued to live at 99 Emerald street after his father had passed away. Ontario, Canada, Marriages, 1826-1938 for Wm Charles Mccarthy Caroline Moore McArthy Wentworth 1913

1921 Census, 99 Emerald St. William Mc Carthy 1921 Census of Canada, Hamilton, On, District no. 87

William McCarthy, Head, 31 yrs
Olive McCarthy, wife, 33 yrs
Roy McCarthy, son, 7 yrs
Russell McCarthy, son, 4 yrs
Harry McCarthy, son, 3 yrs


In September 1949 at the age of 59, William passed away after being hospitalized due to a tragic car accident.  He is laid to rest in Woodland Cemetery, section 7 in Hamilton.