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Eliza McCarthy's Family Tree starts with the first page of her travel log journal where she had written her parents' and grandparents' wedding dates and locations.  A few documents that sprawl out from this point contain red herrings in identity: incorrect spelling of names, or a middle name switched with a first name, ages that don't correspond to birth dates;  misleading options that make it seem as though her ancestors did not want their truths to come out.

Ambivilant census takers and sloppy transcribers aside,  it is known that famed author Wilkie Collins lied on his 1861 census (his common-in-law wife is 26 instead of 31, her 10-year old daughter Harriet becomes 16 year-old servant Harriet Montagu  It isn't impossible to concur every other Eliza Doolittle might have been doing the same for a sort of personal benefit.

The records that were chosen to build the McCarthy family tree had to resolve at least two connecting facts:  with what Eliza wrote and/or the burial cards she saved, and another official record pulled from  For all the right dates and places, there was a Felix McCarthy who was jailed multiple times for petty theft, and also a William McCarthy who at 15 lived with the Monahan family as an apprentice, but without other linked information these entries won't be considered.


A:  The Sullivans


W. Sullivan - possibly brother to MaryAnn McCarthy's father Dennis Sullivan who was also a Bricklayer


In Memory of Dennis Sullivan Who died 7th January aged 39 .  Interred in Bow Cemetery 11th day of January 1879

Unknown how young Dennis relates to W. Sullivan, perhaps he was grandson to elder Dennis Sullivan.  He was at the WhiteChapel Union Infirmary Workhouse when he passed away from Pneumonia Exhaustion.  Dennis Sullivan in the London, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials, 1813-2003

B: The McCarthy's - Felix and MaryAnn

Marianae Sullwan in the London, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1932

July 25, 1843 -  Solemnized in the Parish Church in the Parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch
**Felix McCarthy, of full age, Bachelor, locksmith, Residence 2 Plough St, Father John McCarthy, bricklayer
Marianne Sullivan, Minor, Spinster, Residence 16 Castle Alley, Father: Denis Sullivan, Bricklayer
in the presence of Elizabeth Rurt and Mr. Jenkins Yarrow.

**Based on the 1851 census there is a ten year age gap between Felix and MaryAnn.   If the census ages were recorded correctly, MaryAnn was a minor at 17 and Felix was 27 when they were married, placing the year of their births roughly around 1827 and 1817.  Contrarily MaryAnn's burial card from 1880 has her aged 58 yrs which results in a a different birth year of 1822.



1851 Census, St. Marys, WhiteChapel on 9 Plough Court  Felix Mc Carthy in the 1851 England Census

Felix McCarthy - Head, 34 years - Labourer
MaryAnn McCarthy, Wife, 24 years
William McCarthy, Son, 5 years
MaryAnn McCarthy, Daughter, 7 months


Unidentified Family,  photo taken by Thomas Coleman (1818 - 1892)

The clothing fashion is older than that of Eliza's childhood era.  The little boy's suit has a particular leaf applique, perhaps traditional, he looks to be at least 2 -3 years older than the baby on the lap (a year old?).  Out of the family tree this group most closely resembles Felix McCarthy's family, not limited to the fact it may be another relation yet to be discovered.
Other side of image: Negatives Kept, Copies can be had, No 176 (7 or 2) 2



In Memory of Mary Ann McCarthy who Died July 23rd Aged 58 Years.  Interred in East London Cemetery, 29th Day of July 1880


Sarah McCarthy - perhaps a cousin or sister to William and MaryAnn


C:  William Charles McCarthy and Caroline Moore

Married in the Parish of Christ Church, Spitalfields on April 13, 1873.  Emigrated to Canada in 1885.

Two children:  Henry John and Eliza were born in London England, followed by William born in Hamilton, Ontario.  See the Eliza McCarthy Parents and Siblings page.

D:  The Moors

William Moor and Sarah Woodhill - Married September 3, 1821


William Moor in the London, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1932


Marriages Solemnized in the Parish of Christ Chruch with St. Mary and St. Stephen, Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets, England
William Moor, Bachelor of this Parish and Sarah Woodhill Spinster of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns with Consent of - this third Day of September in the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty one
By me: ---enny Curato
In the Preference of: Joseph Holland, H.I. Young (or Floundry), Jane Ashton, Harriet Hardy
No: 526



William Moor and Ann Dean - Married December 20, 1830


Ann Dean in the London, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1932


Solemnized in Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate within the United Parishes of Christ Church and St. Leonard, Foster Lane, in the city of London, December 20, 1830
No. 25:  William Moor of the Parish of Christ Church, widower, and Ann Dean of the same Parish, Spinster were married in this Church by Banns this Twentieth Day of December in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty
By me Wm Goode Curate
in the Presence of John Burnely and Sarah Dean


1871 Census - 5 John St.  1871 England Census for Caroline Moor,London Christchurch Spitalfields Spitalfields 3

**Ann Moor, Head, Widow, 59 yrs, Housekeeper.  Born City Road

Emma Moor,  daughter, 27 yrs,  Dealer in Boots and Shoes, Born Middlesex Spitalfields

Caroline Moor, daughter, 23 yrs, Umbrella Trimmer, Born Middlesex Spitalfields

Sarah Moor, Daughter, 17 yrs, Born Middlesex, Spitalfields

Mary Thomson, Aunt, 64 yrs, (born 1807) Dealer in clothes, city Road


**Ann Moor is a widow, but two years later on Caroline's marriage certificate it is written that her father is John Moore, a weaver.



E:  The Cooks and Hulls

Went to see cousin Maria (nee Cook) in her own home she is 84 and as lively as a cricket. Tom (her son) came for tea also Andrew Ford had a very pleasant evening Tom playing and singing.


Eliza McCarthy - Travel Log, 1949


There are letters and cards from the Hull family, but up until now it was only by virtue of finding the 1871 census that directly links the McCarthy/Moors to the Cooks;  Ann Moore had been visiting the Cook family that day and she was included in the head count.  Daughter Maria Cook who was six years old at the time, grew up and married Thomas Hull.



Eliza and Herbert maintained a distant relationship with the Hulls through letters and their visit to Maria Hull during their time in London in 1949.  Their daughter Dorothy continued the communication.  In a letter from Thomas Hull regarding his son Cyril who had moved to Brantford, Ontario:


July 11, 1959

Dear Dorothy,

It is high time we wrote to you to express our appreciation of all you have done to make Cyril and Nancy welcome and to help them to settle comfortably in their new house.  I believe we are also indebted to your other members of the family.  We are not able to thank them personally, so will you please pass on these sentiments to them.

Your father will have plenty of noisy company now but he will not mind that.  It is so good of him to give them a home to start the off in a 'new country'.


Thomas's son, Alan Hull, wrote in a letter to Dorothy Fox's children:

Bedale, North Yorkshire, February 11, 2004

You may be very disappointed regarding the family connection.  Your grandmother (Lyda) was a cousin of my grandfather Thomas William Hull, in which case you and I are cousins twice removed, I think.  Other than the fact that your great grandparents (William and Caroline) stayed with my grandparents on route to Liverpool for their journey to Canada, I do not know any more.


Bedale, North Yorkshire, March 2, 2005

The enclosed photocopy of the Christmas Card is interesting. Thomas William Hull was my grandfather.  He died in 1919, so I never knew him.  Maria was his wife.  Thomas Alfred was my father, Elsie was his sister, and the other signature was that of Maria's sister.  Your letter mentions Maria being glad to see your grandparents (Herbert and Eliza Fox).  Maria died in 1952, and I went to her funeral.  However, the fog was what we knew as a "pea-souper", because that was the colour of it, and the cars were lost from the proceeding funeral, and had to be postponed until the fog cleared several days later.  We do not have any London Peas-soupers any longer, due to the cleaner air policies.

My grandfather and father were both conductors, and dad was choirmaster and organist at his church for many years.  As a matter of interest, my grandfather's father was a philanthropist.  J.W. Hull founded a temperance society for working classes, which enabled benefits to be paid in cases of need, provided the teetotal promise was kept.  He was a Justice of the Peace, and at his funeral even the pubs closed and men stood outside as the cortege passed.  He was a very popular man.  He must have known your forebears before they emigrated to Canada.

Census Records transcribed From

The Cooks

1871 Census:  4 Myrtle Walk - Civil Parish of Shoreditch, Hackney, St. John the Baptist, Hoxton

Alfred cook, Head, 38 yrs, Stationer
Maria, Wife, 36 yrs
Maria, Daughter, 6yrs
Emma, , Daughter, 4 days
Ann Moore, 60 yrs, visitor


1881 Census:  175 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green East Hackney, St. James the Less

Alfred - Head 48 yrs, Messenger born Middlesex, St. Lukes
Maria Wife, 45 yrs, Born Spitalfields
Alfred W. 8, scholar, born Shoreditch
Maria, 16, Upholsterer's assistant, born Shoreditch, born 1865
Emma A, 10 , Scholar, born Shoreditch,  born 1871


1891 Census: 18 Cranbrooke St, East Bethnal Green:

Maria Cook, Head, 55 yrs, Badger Hair Dresser
Emma A, Daughter, 20 yrs, ditto
Alfred W, Son, 18 yrs,  Printer's Machinist


1901 Census: 11 Rutland Road living with the Hulls, South Hackney, Christ Church

Maria Cook - Head, 65 yrs.
Alfred W, Son, 28 yrs, Silk Tie Cutter
Emma A, Daughter, 30 yrs, Badger Hair Brush

The Hulls

1891 Census: 112 Bishop's Road, Bethnal Green St. James the Less

Thomas Hull, 25 yrs, Head, Printer/manager
Maria (Cook), Wife, 26yrs
Thomas A, son, 1 year.


1901 Census: 11 Rutland Road living with the Cooks, South Hackney, Christ Church

Thomas W Hull, Head, 35 yrs, Printer compositor, born Bethnal Green
Maria (Cook) Hull, Wife, 36 years, born Huxton
Thomas A Hull, 11 yrs, Son, born Bethnal Green
Emmie A Hull, 6 years, Daughter, born S. Hackney


1911 Census - 25 Cawley Road, South Hackney

Thomas William Hull, Head, 45 yrs, Printer, born London Bethnal Green
Maria (Cook) Hull, Wife, 46 yrs
Thomas Alfred Hull, Son, 21 yrs, Compositor, Apprentice, Printer, born London, Bethnal Green
Elsie Amy Hull, daughter, 16 yrs, Student, born London, Hackney
Emma Ann Cook, Sister-in-law, 40 yrs, Badger Hair Dresser, Brush Manufacturer



Emma Cook married John Bartlett in 1917 and passed away December 24, 1937.  She is laid to rest at Queens Road Cemetery in London.

Bartlett Family Tree: England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005 for Emma A Cook 1917 Q1-Jan-Feb-Mar C