Friends and Neighbours

Winnifred E. Byrne.  July 7, 1877 -? Ontario, Canada Births, 1858-1913 for Elizabeth Winnifred Byrne

A friend of Eliza's from childhood she was one of the witnesses at Herbert and Eliza's wedding.

The 1891 Cenus   lists Winnifred's family living in Ward 7, neighbours with Eliza's parents who lived on Emerald Street.  John Byrne 1891 Census of Canada

John R. Byrne - 54, Labourer

Elizabeth (Porter) Byrne -  48

John Byrne - 24, Teacher

Joseph Byrne - 20, Labourer

Francis Byrne - 15, Message Boy

Winifred Byrne - 13, Nurse Girl

Cecilia Byrne - 12

Grace Byrne - 9

Ethel Byrne - 8





Mrs. Herb Fox.  Cor William and Barton, Hamilton, Ont.       27/12/07
Arrived here December 24th am going to stay for New Year. Am having a fine time.  Sincerely Winnie


At the time of her death of pneumonia, Elizabeth Byrne, Winnie's mother, resided at 227 Wilson street.    Winnie's father passed away a few months later on May 31, 1907 at 71 years of age.  Elizabeth Byrne in the Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947 / Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947 for John Byrns 

Beatrice Barker  Also a friend of Eliza's before her marriage, Beatrice and Eliza worked together at St. Luke's Hospital as nurses.

February 10, 1902. St. Luke's Hospital New York City, Hattie Barker


1913 - 228 Gibson avenue Hattie Barker, Uncle Willie, Eliza, Teresa Southwell and Friend, Herbert, Bert on floor.

James Wild. June 21, 1885  - March 22, 1919 James Henry Wilds  in the Ontario, Canada Births, 1858-1913 / James Henry Wild in the Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947

A friend of Herbert's, James lived on Barton street in Hamilton.  His father, George was a market Gardner and likely the Fox family became friends with the Wild family through this common occupation.  James was born in Hamilton in 1886 and married Myrtle Mima Hayes on Sept. 12, 1908

Myrtle passed away on October 2, 1908.

James re-married to Mary Cecelia Harbison on September 22, 1915.

James Henry Wild in the Ontario, Canada, Marriages, 1826-1937 /Myrtle Mima Wild in the Canada, Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current /  James Henry Wild in the Ontario, Canada, Marriages, 1826-1937.

Jimmy Wild's boat, 1904, going through canal

James passed away of Tuberculosis on March 22, 1919 at the age of 33 in his residence at 564 Barton St. E.
James Henry Wild in the Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947


Mr. Herbert Fox, Midland Hotel, Hutchinson, Kansas

We missed you at school in December.  We hope you are again feeling real well and that you will be ready for work in January.




History of Midland Hotel:
28/11/09 To: Mrs. H Fox 256 Gibson Ave, Hamilton Ont.
Dear Friend - Just a word to let you know I have not forgotten you. I am getting along fine only I am very busy . I am making Mabels wedding cloths in the evenings and it does not give me much time for anything else. How is the baby? Getting fat I hope. Tell Bertie I saw Santa yesterday. Oh say how was there (pictures? illegible). Well guess I had better say good bye with love from your friend.  Y.S.
I hear the 13th ball is over.  Did you have a nice time?
 652 Bathurst St. Toronto.
Compliments of Mr and Mrs. C Lampard, formerly 126 Forest Ave
Added this only because the skill work in the ink script.   Sent from 60 Ferrie St. W., City  Other acknowledgement of sympathy cards addressed to:  Mr. and Mrs. Herb Fox of 228 Gibson Avenue from a James H. Wild and Mr. and Mrs. George Wild Mr. and Mrs. H Fox of 257 Balmoral Avenue North from a Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Berry in 1925

April 26, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. H Fox.

256 Gibson Ave, City

Dear Friends, Please accept our many thanks for your sympathy & beautiful flowers, you so kindly sent in our recent bereavement.

Very gratefully yours, The Mitchell Family

60 Ferrie Street West

Postcard  - added because of different address.  July 30th 1908 - To Mrs. Herb Fox 99 Emerald Street N,  Hamilton On Dear Lyda, This a very pretty place and has a population of about five or six hundred.  Fred is the baker here and we have a fine time handing out dough.  Loll and I went to a baseball game yesterday "sporty well I guess yes."  Hoping all are well.  Nella G.

July 30th 1908 - To Mrs. Herb Fox 99 Emerald Street N,  Hamilton On

Dear Lyda, This a very pretty place and has a population of about five or six hundred.  Fred is the baker here and we have a fine time handing out dough.  Loll and I went to a baseball game yesterday "sporty well I guess yes."  Hoping all are well.  Nella G.


Stamped cancelled in London, Ontario Aug. 12, 10 pm 1914.

Western Fair, London Canada Sept. 11 – 19, 1914

Hello Mrs Fox.

How are you these days. Hope the boys are better. You are quite a shut in aren’t you. Tell your hubby I’m afraid he will have to go to war. About (?) things terrible on account of it, lots of men out of work. We are well. Had a nice cover (?) letter from Messir M. yesterday. How is Buds.

Et (?) and Charlie have just gone out. Chr (Charlie?) has two weeks holiday.

Love to all from all H…..drt Gran. Write soon, tell Mr. all our news.

See August 17, 1949 letter and sketch of L.J. Berry's burial plot on Letters Back Home Page.

John Harrower and Family - 40 St. Matthews Ave. Hamilton, On.

Herbert and John H. were both employed as Pattern Makers - perhaps this also brought them together as friends, although Herbert worked for Smart Turner and John H. for an elevator company.

The 1911 census for the Harrowers on 40 St. Matthews :  John Harrower (1858 - 1936) Scotch - immigrated in 1905, Pattern Maker at an elevator company (52), wife Jane/Jeanie (51), sons David (26), Thomas (24), James (22) and daughters Margaret (20), Jean (Jane) (16) and Ina (Williamina) (14).  They had 3 other children who passed away before they immigrated.  Lodger William McCleod (36) also came to Canada in 1905 - a molder at an elevator company

John and Jean Harrower and their three daughters - teen Margaret, Jane/Jean 10 - 12 years old, and Ina 7-9 years old.


The Harrower family including their three older sons this time accompanied by Mrs Woolley sitting on the left.  The picture is dated 1915/1916.  Margaret is 2nd from left in the back row, gave birth to her 2nd son in summer of 1916.  She does not look pregnant here, so this must have been taken in 1915.


The Harrower Family with sons and daughters.  Annie Woolley second from left in back, Thomas Arthur Woolley - Real Estate Agent - 3rd from right in back.  Unknown man sitting on the right in the middle row.

1911 Census for the Woolleys:  Thomas Arthur Woolley 42 yrs (1869 - 1944) - real estate agent, with wife Annie 40 yrs and two sons - Clifford 14 yrs (written as Clifton) and William Allan 5 yrs, they lived on 66 William street. They're listed as Presbyterian.

Herbert Fox and John Harrower and the Woolleys are brought together in the 1917 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church annual report:  Herbert is one of the Board of Management, John Harrower is 1st. vice-Chairman, and a C.  Wooley is in a list of soldiers at the back of the book in an honor call to soldiers.  Clifford Wooley went MIA in 1916 WWI and was never found.

John Harrower overlooking the pen of Alberta Bison at Dundurn Park.

The Harrower Children:

John (1882 - ?) ) not included in 1911 census or pictures.  Married to Marguerite, one son.  Lived in Montreal in 1921.

David:  (1884 - ?)  Has WWI record, Roomed at 88 Oak St., 40 yrs old in 1921, Single, Labourer.

Thomas (1886 - 1963) - Machinist, Married Alice Maude Leake in Montreal in 1922 and moved out to B.C. One son.

James (1888 - 1988) Married Mary Jane, lived in Brooklyn NY in 1919 as a plumber. 1921 back in Hamilton on 1172 King Street.  Two children. Buried at Woodland Cemetery.

Margaret (1890 - ?)  Was a tailoress and married John Findlay Hamilton (1888 - 1933) on Sept. 29, 1911. He signed up for the CEF in 1916.  Lived at 490 Wentworth St. in 1912 and 1190 Cannon St. E in 1921, and 46 Melbourne St in 1933. Had two sons:  Thomas (1912 - ?) and Gordon (1916 - ?)  Husband buried in Woodland Cemetery.

Jane/Jean (1894 - 1951) Became a nurse, single,  and worked in Brooklyn NY, sponsored in 1932 by her sister Ina.

Willemina/Ina (1897 - 1979):  became a US Citizen in 1927, worked in Brooklyn NY as a nurse. Stayed single.