The Muskoka Cousins

Emma Jane, Issac Arthur's younger sister, came to Canada with her husband and children in 1905.  The lead-up to this event is briefly outlined in the correspondence below:

Emma Jane has got married to T. Jeffrey of Smalldale this last weeks. They live at Leeds. There was 19 of us sat down to dinner. It was held at home. We had a proper time of it, I can tell you. 

George Fox  August 26th 1888.

Jennie is at Bradwell with her husband & six children ranging from 10 yrs the eldest to 2 ¼ the youngest – four girls & two boys called Florrie, Hannah, Eric, Edna, Ann, Willie.

Hannah R Sommerset November 29th, 1900


“My Aunt (Emma Jane Fox) and Uncle’s (Thomas Jeffery) home in Bradwell in Dirbyshire England now reside in Muskoka"
Rose Cottage and Carpenter's Cottage on Towngate  1901 England Census for Emma J Jeffery

Did you know that Auntie Jennie and family are seriously thinking of coming to America perhaps next spring.  Tom’s brothers and sisters have emigrated the last year and are writing for them to follow.  I don’t think uncle Tom is very anxious but Auntie Jennie seems to think the children will get into employment there better than at Bradwell but I shouldn’t come, there is no place so sweet to me as dear old England...

Hannah R Somerset, September 4th 1903.

The Jeffery's  Passenger Registry for the Port of Quebec City, August 1904.
Thomas Jeffery      Builder    Age 41
Mrs.                          Wife        Age 40
Florence                  Child        Age 15
Hannah                   Child        Age 13
Eric                          Child        Age 11
Edna                        Child        Age 10
Ann                          Child        Age 9
William                    Child        Age 6



Upon arriving to Canada the Jeffery's reconnected with the Foxes in Dunnville and Hamilton and settled for a short time in Toronto before migrating North to live in the Muskokas.

Hannah, Aunt Jennie (Emma Jane Jeffery) , Bill Circa 1909 - 1910


1910 Vassbinder Farm- in the summer months before the November Dunnville Farm fire.  From Left to Right:  Walter, Isaac Arthur leaning on tree, Aunt Jennie in chair with son Bill behind her, Buds (Arthur).
On Steps - Fred, Bert (Isaac and Elizabeth's first grandchild), Hannah behind , Elizabeth with Maude behind, Dick (Richard)
See Unknown Photos #38.


Moon River, Bala - Ann (nee Jeffery) and George Baxter Clement's House



From Rootsweb Home Page:
George Baxter CLEMENTS, 40, builder, Toronto, Bala s/o Frederic W. CLEMENTS (b. Toronto) & Ada A. BAXTER married Anne JEFFERY, 31, stenographer, Bradwell Derbyshire England, Bala d/o Thomas JEFFERY (b. Bradwell England) & Emma Jane FOX wtn: Alfred JACKSON & Fred W. GUY both of Bala, 19 October 1926 at Bala




From Left to Right:  Birley, Eliza, Herbert, Dorothy - Aunt Jennie and Thomas Jeffery in front of their house.

Torrance Muskoka May 24, 1929.



Box 471 Cobalt
March 24, 1958

Dear Herb –
This will not be much of a letter but it is to let you know I had surgery on my eye a month ago & it is 100% successful.
I am not able to use it to any extent as yet. I write a little & try to read a little, but it tires easily & will take time.  I am very happy to have sight again & it was a cataract.
Father’s eye was not a cataract, it was burnt & the sight myriad (?) & so was inoperable & the film on his eye was the result of the burn.
It is so nice you are able to travel so much & I hope you have a nice trip.
Hannah & Arthur are talking of going over in 1959.
I have not heard from Dorothy for some time but know she had an illness last year & was in hospital for some time, but don’t know what her trouble was.
George Clements in Bala had a serious illness last Autumn & was in Toronto Private Patients Pavilion for about 6 weeks but is coming along nicely & we expect he & Ann up one of these days. They sold their home in Bala & are building a new bungalow on a property they have down the river about half-a-mile.

We had heard about the death of Maud, but not Dick.
Again, wishing you a nice holiday,
Flo C.



1950 Hamilton.  From Left to Right:  Flo Chapman, Eliza Fox standing in front of B. Clements, Anne (Ann) Clements and Dorothy Fox.

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